Sunday, August 24, 2008

Swipe and Shop!

Aaahhh....a virtual credit card from K-Line hehehe.....thank you!! :) But please don't ask me to go swipe and shop for real...I've given my word to save more of my money this month (and yes, Sharjeel, you heard that just right :D)....

Btw, I actually don't have a credit card in real life, you know? Credit cards are one of those things I steer clear of forever in my life, as I would rather be flat broke but breathe merrily without any debts....other reasons; credits cards are addictive and makes us consumptive!! Swiping a card makes shopping too easy, and I’m extremely afraid that I might get carried away and have a huge amount of sum unpaid at the end…

Anywaaaay, lets not go serious here hehehe....let me further this BFF Gold Card to my dearest friends who I know love to shop hehehe…

Joyce from Kinky Blue Fairy
Devina from Roundabout a Pinapple Tree
Siewkwan from A Dork's Notion
Andita from Andita's Journal

Yayy! :D


K.Line said...

I can't believe you manage without a credit card! (THat is so impressive - If only I could swing that :-)

siewkwan said...

Awwwww, diana, you are too sweet! Alright, I promise to keep this going! :D

Anonymous said...

me agree wif ya!
gw juga selama ini enggak pernah membuat credit card..
life is a matter of choices..
we do love shopping, but wisdom is more important. hoho.


Sarah Marie Carmel said...

Diana!! I'm desperate *maybe not a good word* for the bridges-echo song!!

Can't find it anywhere, so I thought that maybe you could send it or tell me where to find it?

THanks in advance

Anonymous said...

bener bangeeeeeeeeeeed deeeeeeeeyy...huhuhu jgn sampe kyk gw niiiiiiiy :(((

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