Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jenny From the Block

So I finally got the chance to enjoy my regular Saturdays, which is, having good foods for lunch and just relax with my family...yayy!! We went to Duck King, and I had my favorite dimsum... yum yum...:)

It's been a while since I went to the malls, and how surprised I was to see that the mega sales are everywhere they got me going gaga hehehe... it's good that I have some plans for August which requires me to save money so at least I'm under some control hehehe....

But, I did buy myself something.... something awwweeeesssooooommmeee hehheheh....J.Lo platform shoes on a 50% discount...woohooo!!! :D

(I think I'm loving my floral sheer dress a wee bit too much so please don't get bored ;p)

About the shoes, the heels are extremely high but surprisingly very comfortable...:)

The shoes are actually dark purple in real...the first pic was over bright due to the camera flash...


glory said...

thos shoes with the socks looks spectacular....I like you fresh
and the pix from forever 21 are good ..too bad in mexico we don`t have this store

FashionSqueah! said...

gorgeous shoes - all of them!
ahh hshoes, my definite weakness!
sea @ fashionsqueah! x

Diana Rikasari said...

glory: thank you...i'm loving my knee-high socks very much that i just had to wear them with the shoes hehehe....we (Indonesians) have forever21, but they don't sell the shoes here...too bad too...:(

fashionsqueah: thanks! shoes are my weakness to overcome?? ;D

Sarah said...

aw, i love the sheer socks! where did you get them?

Jenny Cindy said...

Wow, nice buy. I love how you paired the shoes with the over knee socks!

That floral dress looks fabulous on you, I can understand why you love it so much.

Diana Rikasari said...

sarah: i was sooo lucky to find them in a vintage shop...and even luckier that it was still new (i guess the owner decided not to wear them at all and just gave it away instead)...;p

jenny cindy: thank you, dear...hihi...;p

liamarina said...

those shoes are brilliant..

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