Saturday, May 3, 2008

Quote of The Day

"In the long run, it's not a question of whether they deserve to be forgiven. You're not forgiving them for their sake. You're doing it for yourself. For your own health and well-being, forgiveness is simply the most energy-efficient option. It frees you from the incredibly toxic, debilitating drain of holding a grudge. Don't let these people live rent free in your head. If they hurt you before, why let them keep doing it year after year in your mind? It's not worth it but it takes heart effort to stop it. You can muster that heart power to forgive them as a way of looking out for yourself. It's one thing you can be totally selfish about."

- Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution


Lynn said...

"Don't let these people live rent free in your head." Love it. But need to practise it heheheeee...!

raq said...

this is inspiring! thank you for sharing (:

Diana Rikasari said...

you're most welcome...:)

hunz said...

hai..hai.. Die.. yeah.. love ourself for sure.. i have heard about this too when i watched the ms.winfrey's show.. and it's a life learning indeed.. ^_^

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