Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Little Bit of Sharing

Just woke up, and still I feel sooooooooooo exhausted. Went for karaoke with my office mates last night, and the moment I reached home after it, all I could ever think of was to sleep. And so here I am, awake, on Saturday morning, but my mind seems to wander around my projects. No, not some creative DIY projects, but my work-related projects. I'm currently handling 5 projects, and I'm feeling pretty proud of it. And now they all have dominated my brain, to think, how I can satisfy all my clients. Hhmmm.


Denise said...

hope you had an awesome night! its always the same with me if im going out to party. i cannot wait to get into my bed. hope your projects will be successful!

Lynn said...

All the best with the projects.

I try not to think of work at all after office hours and during weekends. I was a workaholic before and it affected my health seriously so I try very, very hard not to go down that road again...

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