Friday, May 30, 2008

August Rush

I have to cancel my plan for June. Arrrrrgggggghhhhh. I can only take leave starting August. Guess I'll just the save the money for now, or perhaps, get myself a pair of Nine West shoes, no? ;p


helvetica said...

diana lagu diblogmu ini membuatku sedih..:( dont know why, reminds me of a lot of things..
di, aku bertemu adit,kamu ngasih tau dia apaan? about the blog? hahh aku malu di, bener deh..btw ym-mu apa di?

victoria :] said...

Sorry about your plans, whatever they were. But yes, you should get yourself some nice shoes. Haha.
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Diana Rikasari said...

helvetica: tenang ajeee...gue gak ngasi tau tentang blog lo kooook. terbukanya rahasia blog lo akan membuka aib blog gue juga hahahahha....
ym gue :)

victoria: thanks a lot, no worries though about the plan...:)

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