Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pizza Time

My friends invited me for dinner today...but since I was still scared to drive on my own due to the accident last night, I asked my dad to drive me and luckily he understood...:)

As the plan was just to chill at Pizza Marzano, I decided to wear something easy...

And in case you were wondering how i finally took of the security tag from my black & white stripy t-shirt, well, I smashed it to pieces using a hammer hehehehehe....



Anonymous said...

What a cool look :)... I really like your hat!

Sara said...

In the photo when you were with your friends, you look so tall! What's your height? :o

Oh yeah, I got myself a blog too. Is it okay if I link you? :D

Diana Rikasari said...

nadine: thank u...i love wearing hats so much...:)

sara: lol...i'm only 160cm, but the Nine West did such a great job, making me into a 173 link and i'll link yours as well...:)

cronic said...

hai diana
hmm.. i thought u'll let the security tag attached with ur tshirt forever. must be cool :) ( yeahh and..the security guard will staring at u..forever too) hehehe
take care and aha.. drive carefully

Erin said...

haha so you ended up taking a hammer to it too! =P

Mica said...

Haha, I love how you got rid of the security tag...Would have been fun, hitting away with the hammer!

I really love your outfit too - it looks really casual but not lazy. Very stylish and sweet :)

sickchild said...

hohoho. thanks a lot.
u look great.
sangat slim dats y saye sangat jeles.

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