Monday, April 28, 2008

My Little Miss Timberlake

My lil' sis just messaged me, and from the way she wrote her words, I can sense that she's missing me soooooo much heheheh.....she's always cute when she's angry, that instead of listening to what she's conveying, I instead smile and thank God for bringing her into my life...I'm sorry, Intan, for not being able to reply to your messages, and when I finally did, it felt a little too late on your side...I don't have any credits at the moment, so I hope this post is enough...whatever is troubling you, be strong and just hang tight...everything will be alright that I promise you...:)

Miss you soo....<3


aziza said...

Aww you're sweet.

lalaliu said...

aww. such a wonderful big sis :)

Sugar Pop said...

hehe, cute :)

(btw, i changed the name and URL of my it's:



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