Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing Tag

I just realized that I've been tagged by Woro hehehe so I'm very sorry for the late it goes....:)

I’m passionate about…
Starting my own family and learn about the real hardships of life
Being a successful person in what I do best

Travelling around the world and help the people in need

Mostly I say…
“Thank you..”

“What the heck!?”

I've just finished reading…
Warren Buffet Speaks

InsyaAllah before I die, I want to…
Try all types of rollercoasters around the world
Perform a hajj with my family and in-laws
Build a mosque
Make sure that I do not owe any debts or apologies to any people

I love listening to…
My loved ones talk

What my friends like about me…
They like me cuz I like them heheheh…

Last year I've learned…
That life is very tough, and we should fight for what we want as long as it’s positive

And now I shall tag 4 other people…

You're it!! :)


Harteeny said...

Diana, What do you exactly? are you in the publication/designing sort of thing? I'm just curious :)

This is Teeny, BTW.

Diana Rikasari said...

Harteeny: I work in a marketing research a researcher hehehhe.....:)

Lynn said...

OMG! I haven't been around in ages and when I finally did today I stumbled upon myself being tagged by you! Hahaha! Thanks, sweetie, will do it soon. I got back to work recently, so that's why :)

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