Saturday, February 9, 2008

PS: I Love You...and Miss You...:)

Having the most loving family and friends around does make me feel very happy...but knowing that my boyfriend is a country apart just kills me so bad...:'(

Anyway I've been watching many movies lately (read: the best thing to kill my boredom heheh)...last night I watched Sweeney Todd & was pretty disappointed with know, the words "Johnny Depp" is a big thing and when you know he's the main actor, you definitely tick the movie in the must-watch list. But this one was a wee bit disgusting as the bloods dripping and spraying all over the place felt too much (and rather fake??), and there seemed to be many parts of the story that could actually be further explored instead of just focusing on the singing and the killing scenes.

Hhmm...well today I watched PS: I Love was a very lovely movie, one that made me literally cry in the cinema my opinion, this is one of the best (hollywood) romance movies I have ever seen, offering the theme 'LOVE' in the most appropriate & realistic manner...and I really like the ending..a happy ending in its own different way...:) I read some of the reviews though and realized that many people think this movie sucks big time hehhe..well, everybody have different opinions, right?? ;p


DwD said...

i've wanted to see p.s. i love you eversince i saw the trailer in november! probably gonna catch it tomorrow afternoon, hopefully i'll get the ticket.

Eleh said...

love this outfit. especially like the strings you tied at the end of your leggings. and oh. i have been contemplating to watch p.s. i love you. now im really going to watch it!

Bobble Bee said...

you look lovely! the skirt is abs. fantastic.
ps: hopefully you will be able to see your bf sooner than later!

Diana Rikasari said...

DwD: hope you get the ticket!!! :)

eleh: thank you so much...happy watching! :D

bobble bee: yeah i hope so too...thank you, dear..:)

Lynn said...

Nice skirt!

I read the book, so I hope I can catch the movie. The book was fab, I cried the most reading it hahah!

nadia said...

i love that skirt so much!

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