Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How's It Gonna Be

I keep on thinking how's it gonna be when I start working...will it be the job I've always dreamed of? Will the office people like me? How should I dress? Will I be able to impress my boss? What time will I be leaving office? Will I be able to blog again? Argghhh...I know, the more you think of it, the more pressure you I guess I should just let it flow...hmmm....I also feel quite sad cuz my lil' sis will be leaving for Singapore next Wednesday to pursue her (hotel management degree) dreams, which, leaves me like a dead Intan, no boyfriend...:'(

I really like the movie Juno btw (such a different topic hehehhe)....well I don't admire the storyline and the ewwww parts I fast-forwarded...but I salute Ellen Page's natural acting skills...10 thumbs up!! Hehhehe...such a cool kid..

Seeing her on the cover page above immediately reminded me of my stripey sweater I haven't been wearing for such a long time, so I guess it deserves a feature on my blog today hehehe...

(My friend called on my cellphone when I was taking this picture so I had to talk to her through the loudspeaker and pose at the same time hehehe)

ps: I think I'm having a "first-time job" syndrome....:'(


Eleh said...

your outfit is way better.
love those shoes and red socks together!

Isabel said...

Ellen Page is so cute, and so is you outfit!

Diana Rikasari said...

Hihihi.....thanks a lot..:)

Hanna said...

oooh i love the heels that you are wearing with the jeans! and the sweater's lovely ;)

Miss Woo said...

I'm loving your red socks over jeans look..

Lynn said...

The important thing is to impress yourself first before anyone else - it's like lying to yourself if you manage to let others beam on you but yourself... at the end of the day, work is just work. I learnt this the hard way when I was hospitalized for overworking and realize the world (or the office) will still revolve even if i die. So take it easy, you'll love your job even more! Good luck at the new place!

DwD said...

i agree, ellen page is cute and i like her voice. havent had the chance to catch juno in cinema :\

Wendy said...

I love the outfit! I'm a sucker for stripes. Ellen Page is really a good actress.

Eleh said...

i finally went to see juno! and i must say that ellen page is a good actress!

ed said...







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