Friday, January 4, 2008

For Us in Long Distance Relationships....

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Long Distance Relationships said...

Ive been in a relationship on line for over a year now. We took all the precautionary steps (talked for 6 months first via phone and web cam) before flying to see eachother. We fly every 6-8 weeks now. We have the fundements of an incredible marriage. Great conversation, communication, and respect for eachother which helps considerably. Unfortunatly we are on opposite sides of the country me in school him with a business, and are unable to relocate for about 1-2 years. Our only issue is trust. Even when we think we handle situations accordly there always seems to be room for capability to have made better decisions. It seems to consistanly "not good enough". I know distance and frustration feeds this but its aggrivating. I think once we are together things will be more solid.....but any tips on making it that far?

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