Monday, December 3, 2007

Tell Me ABout It

How do you define life? Beautiful? Tough? Simple? Complicated? What is life? And does it matter to you? I’ve always felt special since I was a kid, not special in the sense that I’m better than anyone, but special because I am different. I became mature in mind too fast, and since I was little, I’ve always tried to figure out what life actually means. I’m still in the phase of constructing my definitions, searching and extracting what’s related and what’s not. This hunt is definitely not gonna end soon, as life itself is beyond description and has a long way to go.

There’s one thing I discovered; life is all about family. How you behave, how you think, how you perceive yourself and others around you, how you feel about things, and what you become in the future, is all decided on how you actually grew up. There’s no such thing as right and wrong. People kill perhaps because they needed a medium to express their rage towards the father who never cared about them. People go for plastic surgery possibly because they felt so ugly that the mother never gave affection and told them how pretty they were no matter what. And others might say, they were wrong because they weren’t strong. They probably are, but they are understandable. Life is not always about material goods, it’s all about the love and care within the family. The role of parents, brothers and sisters are one complete package that influences our lives. It creates the feeling of being complete and worthy, that when they step out from their very own house, they become good people, for their friends, their lovers, their school, their employers, their country, and the strangers they meet everyday. Each people will undeniably have their own interpretation of my question, cuz they see their lives in different perspectives. But it all comes back to one vital ground; the family. Family are the constant factors that, like it or not, becomes a repeating cycle that should continuously improve from one generation to another. Children should learn from their parents’ mistakes, so they can become better parents and grandparents in the future.

It’s surprising that not many realize this fact. To be continued…

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