Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lorick for Gossip Girl

I heart the series Gossip Girl, and it is undeniably true that the main spotlight is not on Serena, Blair, nor the story, but the…what people? Yes, the fashion. And for our information, those Waldorf designs on the movie are actually real life creations of Abigail Lorick from New York. The brand; Lorick.

Lorick says:

"It’s not enough to wear beautiful clothes, you have to act the part."

So here are some tips to be a Lorick Lady:

  1. In the presence of others: Never stare.
  2. Posture: Never Slouch.
  3. When invited: Never ask who else will be attending or what will be served.
  4. At an event: Never over stay your welcome.


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