Friday, December 14, 2007

Drama Kings and Queens

As life is full of choices, the options available often create people facing dilemmas in their life…I believe there is no final say to which option is actually the best, but we do have to admit though that there are options that without doubt are actually very bad and should not be chose to live for…

My life has always been about dilemmas…and my family, is full of drama…for you guys who often watch the Hallmark television channel, they have this tagline that says, “Life is Drama”. I refuse to live my life like a drama where people tend to overact, but like it or not, life is a drama, I agree. I love my family, who doesn’t?? But I can’t deny either that there are things I do not like or coincide within my family.

At times like these, I usually feel angry and upset, that I end up crying all night long in my bed. But drama has an end, it has to, at least for me. Too much dramas in my family have created a new me; Diana who becomes so quiet and lonely. I just wonder why my family has to select the options of life which I perceive as ‘wrong’. Why? And this question will remain unanswered.

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