Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Smile Would Make This World A Better Place

About my last post, the only thing I can say is that I’m currently facing family problems which I do not wish to share here on the internet...so anyways, just pray that things will get better soon...i love my family...don’t we all do?

I realize that such things will always happen either frequently or infrequently within a family, love life, friendships or office life...so one thing we have to do, is to just deal with it...how can we ever call ourselves human if we never face problems in life? Haa...I feel much better now after writing this...

Thank you readers whoever you are...it feels light to share my thoughts with you....:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana. I'm from Malaysia. Ive been reading ur blog for like, 5hours, or more, I couldnt remember and in my view, youre such an adorable person.

Ive been reading many blogs before telling stories like they bought this, they spend this much, they went to this expensive restaurant yada yada, and most of them, for me just mere bragging. But you are different.

So I wish you the best in life, hope you will always be happy and successfull.


Anonymous said...

Oh, here.


Diana Rikasari said...

wow...thank you so much...and im glad that you perceive me in such a way...really appreciate it :) <3

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