Wednesday, November 7, 2007


If I can point out what question do I frequently ask to myself and this world...I think it would be...."Why?" Allah, to my mom, my dad, my brother, my best friends, my friends, my uncle and aunt, my cousins, my teachers, my so-called destiny, my worries, my fear, my tears, my choice of education, my unexposed talents, my untouched hobby, my abandoned ideas, my history, my past, my memories, my mistakes, my stupid acts, my childhood, my dislike towards vegetables, my dream, my emotions, my sympathy, my sensitivity, my anger, my dreams, my so-called future, my fights, my stupidity, my way of dressing, my low confidence, my obsessions, my disappointment, my concealed thoughts, the hypocricy, the war, the hatred, politics, nepotism, corruption, the racism, the murders and crimes, the abusements, the gossips, the false news, the covered secrets, the perception of an ideal life, the glamorous life, the stupid television shows, the bounded human rights.

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