Monday, October 1, 2007

My Least Spoken Thoughts

I wonder..
why are there such humans
who are insensitive, self-centered, and hypocrites
yet, they introduce themselves as friends
they laugh upon their personal desire
on jokes and stories that camouflage the essence of life
they stay distant and emotionless on silent screams that beg for sympathy
how ironic, that they perceive themselves as social people
when they care only on the wrong aspects of friendship.

My questions won't stop..
as the most painful acts would be those hurting my loved ones
they take too much oxygen
that i am left searching for air instead of raising my voice
i am ashamed
as i will never forget that face of whom i would give my world
be strong my precious
they do not deserve your tears.

They are indeed living in the figment of delusions.

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