Thursday, October 11, 2007

Home Bitter Sweet Home

It rarely comes, the feeling of me being uncomfortable surrounded by what I used to name as home. I don’t like changes, but I now become conscious that life itself is all about changes. Like it or not, and little do we realize, we are actually changing entities. The maturity of our minds and preferences, mindlessly eliminates the things that once used to be our most treasured ones, amended by things that we feel much more comfortable to live with even when it forfeits our sweet memories of the past. The memories do stay alive, but the future shapes by itself.

I have to admit, that all these sentiments have initiated the missing of my ingenuous smiles. I smile, I just smile. I call it, an empty smile, a bitter sweet smile. When I smile, I whisper to myself, I want to go home…my new loving home. I have realized, that home is not where you live. It’s who we’re with. It doesn’t mean though that I then neglect my past, that I will bury all those over and done. I just want to start a new life, in my new home. That makes me feel guilty.

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