Sunday, October 28, 2007

Embraced by Braces

Braces are supposedly for men, and kids. But nowadays..who cares about those old-days perception? I think they look very cute on women, and I’m planning to wear it someday along with a bow tie hueehehhehe….Anyways, inspired by Intan, I finally settled on to buy myself one from Topman… yaaaayyyy….:)

I initially wanted to go for black just like Intan’s here…

But after seeing the variety of options they have…I finally opted for this one:

I was so excited to wear mine, so here I am sporting my new braces huehehhehehe…..

(Fyi, Topshop and Topman are now on their mid season sale, and it’s really exciting cuz their giving big discounts…my braces were RM6319... yeehaaaaaa!!)

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v on top said...

i thought u were talking about braces for the teeth hahahaha!when u wrote that braces are not only for men, i'm like ,'ok,we're not talking about teeth braces here!' =P

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