Monday, October 22, 2007

Deep Breaths

After having 2 weeks of vacation in my hometown, Jakarta, I'm now back in my second home, KL. It's been a wonderful time seeing my friends and relatives in Indonesia, even though I sadly didn't have the time to meet all of my loved ones.

Deep apologies to Arie, Mas Mada, Yulie, Tyaz and others that I'd promised to visit but didn't have the time to actually do so...My uncle was also in a bad condition when I was there, gone through 2 times of surgery and is still weak till now..My prayers for you from here my dear uncle...hope you get well soon....:)

*Deep breath*
Right now, I'm having some nervous breakdowns...gotta apply for jobs, in which my first preferred location will be Singapore, then Malaysia. If after all the hardwork I still don't get a job in one of those countries..well...what can I say, I'll be looking for one back in Jakarta.

I'm so scaaaaaaaaarrrrred....scared of not getting a job...scared of not being close to Sharjeel's working location....hhmmm...

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