Monday, October 22, 2007

Ba Ba Balloon

Yayyy...after 2 weeks of dating absence, finally I get to meet Sharjeel again huehehhehe...we went to Ikea...bought a lamp for Dr. Khong... had lunch (this one was together with my dad) in Absolute Thai which was absolutely delicious...did some grocery shopping, then ended our day having dinner at Izzi Pizza... sigh...the food was not that tasty, yet the price was quite high...*disappointed*...

Btw, Sharjeel bought me this cute heart balloon...hihih...happy...:)


wishmeluck said...

why? Izzi provide discount rite?
its quite more cheaper to me than any pizza at KL.
for that delicious pizza, the price very reasonable :p

Anonymous said...

yup... there is so many discount at izzi :P have gather all my friends there for a meet up. Quite a good place though for "yum cha" hehehehhe....N you should try the desserts :)

Diana Rikasari said...

Hohoh...seems many people like Izzi...well, this restaurant is a franchise from Indonesia, and I've been quite a fan of Izzi back in Jakarta. I know their foods really well, and discovered that Izzi KL offers a very different taste, which I find very poor as compared to the original (Indonesia) one. Visit Izzi Indonesia someday...then you'll understand....:) And also check out the restaurant design over there, it's very sleek and cozy, unlike the one over here...heeheh..

well, it's just an opinion though...thanks for visiting!!! :)

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