Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Version of Physical Abusement

I don’t know whether it’s just me or it is actually unethical. These things have happened since way I was a kid, but yesterday it went deep into my mind. Me and my family went to meet up with my dad’s friend along with his family. My dad’s friend, the man, said to me in front of everyone, “Oh my…you’re very skinny…do you eat?”. Then their family looked at each other and giggled. Do I eat?? No, Sir, I don’t. That’s why I’m alive now. Strike 1. Anyway, I laughed as well just to look cool. Then, the man just couldn’t stop talking, that he said to my brother, “Look at your sister…tell her to eat…she’s so skinny…”. Strike 2. Wow. I then thought, if I become a parent someday, insya Allah, and meet my friend’s children, I promise, that I would never ever say those kinda things. Maybe it (looks) normal, for the parent, for the rest of the crowd to hear that and laugh all together as if it’s damn funny. But for the object of the joke, it’s…painful. I just can’t believe, that someone can actually meet a new person, and immediately smack the person with the words of, let’s say, “Hi, you’re fat”. I mean, helloooo?? And yet they think it’s funny. Haha.


V oN toP said...

mis tengkorak! i get that all the time too! when i meet people esp the aunties, they'll say, 'u're so thin! look at your face! u should eat more! r u on diet?' i'll just smilingly say, 'no auntie, i guess i'm naturally thin. and i never diet.' then they will add some more hints that i should gain a few more kilos. i'm used to all this, so there's little pressure there.but we should gain some weight when we get older though, pin-thin old ladies aren't a nice sight to see! we should go for slim..slim's the word!

Diana Rikasari said...

yeah Tina..I agree with you...actually i'm used to it too...i was kinda pissed cuz i just met him for the first time...he wasn't my uncle, but he kept on yapping as if im his daughter or something huhuhuh....btw thank you my tina tuna!! love yaa!! :)

gajah manis&baik hati said...

hellow, salam kenal, ur blog's great, salut deh!

eniwei gw suka banget ama tulisan ini, so im gonna put the link on my blog?

can i???

Diana Rikasari said...

halu gajah manis & baik hati (hehehhe)..makasi banyak yaaaa...

boleh boleh aja kok....feel free...:)

Anonymous said...

hello diana,
i get all this "ur thin crap most of the time" i don't think myself as thin, it's actually slim..
plus i'm naturally petite..with me being 160cm n 37kgs..
i even once told by a friend of mine (that i was never close)..that i would never b pregnant bcoz of my size..but guess what, i got married on nov 07 n now i'm 5 months pregnant..and now evribody is telling how lucky i am to b petite wif a cute tummy..
so, for petite people out there..
this is all gift from allah, after all..after giving birth u'll still hv a great figure..yeay!!! ^_^

-nurin, malaysia-

inescha said...

hi diana :)
do u know what? it happened to me too! and it's really irrestating. Being skiinnny is okay right?as long as we r healthy hoho.And im skinny because im naturally skinny :) not because im anorexic or whatever it turns me 'wth'.my height is 167 with 45kg weight.soooo..nothing wrong right?huhuhuuh

Diana Rikasari said...

nurin: Nurin...thanks a lot...that made me feel better...very much...well, what can we say, we do eat, don't we? thanks for the consolation! <3

inescha: true....who's there to blame if we are NATURALLY skinny...our creator? No way....

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