Friday, June 1, 2007

Painted Legs

I’ve read many articles on some women not willing to dress in colored-pants…they say, never sport a pair of jeans that is not in “the” know, they only go for the basic blue, black, brown, grey and white (…which for me ‘white’ is in fact more of the no-no…;p). Even though it seems kinda hip now to wear bright vivid colors for our dearest legs..for some it’s still a big thumbs down…

Me? Oh no…I would LOVE to wear colored jeans muahahahhaha….no boundaries in fashion dude!! Just amuse yourself with colors…trust me, it’s not about what color you’re wearing…but about how you pair it with a proper top and accessories….hihih…I’m currently still looking for a rich violet-colored one…haven’t found any...:(

anyhow, here are some of my newly colored-pants collection hehehhe…:)

(Rich Red - jeans - slim fit - Mango)

(Baby Pink - stretch cotton - slim fit - Mango)

(Sandwash Purple - corduroy - bootcut - Unionbay)

(Faded Purple - jeans - skinny fit - No Brand)

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