Saturday, May 12, 2007


This is one of the things I hate the when I can't sleep while I badly want to...haaaaaaa... so sad...and frustating...:( I've been lying on the bed for like 3 hours, and still my eyes are round and fresh with my thoughts going here and there....probably it's because I'm not that tired see, lately I've been staying up all night reading and studying for my exams...but today, all I did was having a full-day shopping at KLCC with my happyyy anyways, here I am, still energized that I end up blogging again and

Hhhmmmm....I can't understand why I really like to shop....I just find it irritating sometimes...I try sooooo hard to say "No Diana, keep that money inside and don't even think about using it!" and yet I say again to myself "Naaahhh it's just today, I promise tomorrow I won't buy anything.....ANYTHING!!!" Lalalalala...I say that each and every day....sometimes I feel that it's OK since everyone around me does that (and thank you Mom, you are the biggest inspiration ;p)...but then, I do feel disgusted at myself's like I'm being addicted that I buy sooooo many things while I could actually use the money for future needs or donate it to the people who really needs it....I hate myself....:'(

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