Saturday, May 19, 2007

Need Help: Bankrupt!

At last!! Today Intan and I got our hair straightened at some saloon in Wan Utama heheheh....what was it Intan? Oh yeah, it was the new thing called "Relaxer" that (according to the hairstylist) makes your hair smooth and falls nicely hihihihi...and here we are with our newly relaxed hair and Intan also having her hair cut like Posh Spice (she says) muahahaha...

Actually we planned to do some shopping after that, but unfortunately Intan took really long at the saloon coz of the extra cut thingy which made us stayed there for like 4 hours...huah!! So tired...but we were happy though with the result hehehhehe....So after we were done with the hair, we both took a taxi and headed directly to Bangsar for some dinner with my classmates...and yes, we arrived there pretty late...sorry guys...;p Yummy dinner it was...and straightening...fancy long Sharjeel's birthday present huehehhehe....I'm seriously bankrupt...

Good luck with your dissertation you all...:)

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