Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gloomy Day With A Permanent Smile

I dunno why my mood today is not as happy as usual..when I woke up, all I felt was some sadness and a feeling that I lost something....no nightmare, totally an enough 9-hours sleep, but everything just seems to be out of place... hhmmm...:(
Well, btw, my 2002 Class CD is oouuuuttt!!! yayyyy...it's a documentary of my undergrad life, plus pictures of our once and still geeky looks hahahhaha...I can't wait to get it from my friend once I'm in Jakarta....
Another good news, is that my mom finally brought me the GoGirl! magazine and yeah, I see me and my mom therrreeee... hihihi...happy....:)

1 comment:

Ragil said...

bwahahahah, iya iklan yang ini maksud gue.. btw, cd apaan tuuh? siapa yang bikin? gue mau dooonqqq..

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