Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Its a Beautiful Message!!!


Hello every one ..its been a while since i posted any stuff online here...well seems like Diana's between quite busy with her blogging. Any how, i recently received the most romantic and loving message in this WORLD ..yesh trust me..if its from the one you love ...it is forsure the most romantic and loving message...besides this indeed each n every message from your lover is a special one...but still there's one special one out there in those messages, and i present that here :

"I love you with no reasons need to be explained. It creates the feeling of being complete having such a beautiful destination..it requires no words but just the body and heart..And yes my dear, it is yours I wonder..it may be the smile or your heavenly deep eyes. Or the way you spread your magical charm..but having such reasons would be too easy said as it is much deeper and undefined.. I love you my Sharjeel...may you love me too forever :)"

Love you baby forever - Sharjeel

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