Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Dish Mission

Code 143... Code 143... I repeat 143...
Were the words out of the immersive thoughts of love and passion.
The tickle tickle game walking side by side,
Sitting by the lake, Walking by the moon shine,
See the bright beauty on the water's reflection,
I held her and kissed her with my arms wide open,
That was the day ... That was the night,
When love came and encapsulated us in a never ending relation
for ever and ever.
For once again, I speak 143...143...



Psychic_Monkey said...

baby baby ...aku cinta kamu :)

mutianugrabita said...

is it your first post?

nadianadihe said...

wow :O he is your boyfriend?

Annisa mulia said...

I was very amazed, kak Di..
Teharu banget-banget :')
Dimulai dr postingan ini, sampe jadi kaya sekarang. I believe what people said about following passion..

Dan ternyata suami kakak itu your boyfriend dr dulu? :-O

Priscilla said...

awesome blog!!luv every post second of it!!

Sekar A. Larasati said...

i really love your blog!keep up the very good work! :-)

Rizuna Swon said...

ya ampuuun ini post pertamanya yaaa <3
WOW!! You're amaaaazing

Anggita Aisya Hartopo said...

hi kak Di, i have sent you an email regarding something about pakistan. i would be so happy if you could take a look at it and reply my email. thanks alot, Kak! gbu

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