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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Just posted this on my Instagram but I thought it would be fun to share it here too..:)

So here are #20factsabout me:
  1. I'm a tidy and clean freak. I'll only sleep after every part of my house is clean and tidy. 
  2. I love to shop, but I'm also into saving a lot. 60% of my income goes to my savings. 
  3. I'm scared of reptiles, and I hate people who think scaring me with reptiles is funny. 
  4. I'm a punctual person. I feel really guilty when I arrive or attend something late. 
  5. I'm a coffee virgin. I have never drank coffee my whole life. 
  6. I don't smoke nor drink alcohol. 
  7. I love sports so much. I used to play futsal, basketball, badminton, wall climbing. 
  8. I won the wall climbing competition in Universitas Indonesia twice. 
  9. I'm a shy girl when it comes to mingling in events but I'm working on it. 
  10. I'm a workaholic. My brain loves to think and create. 
  11. I used to love driving so much but Jakarta's traffic jam and ill-mannered drivers made me give up driving. 
  12. In school, math was my favorite subject. I joined quite a lot of math olympics but only ended up as a finalist and never won. 
  13. I don't like the education system here in Indonesia. I didn't like my SMP and SMA times. 
  14. I love sushis, but only eat the cooked ones. 
  15. I'm a family girl. I do everything for my family. 
  16. I love pink, and yellow, and neon colors. 
  17. Window shopping on furniture and home interior products soothes me. 
  18. I don't cipika cipiki with males. 
  19. I am inspired by kindness. 
  20. Because I believe in kindness. I have practiced to not have hatred inside me and I feel peaceful like that. 

That's it! Yay!  :)


Asep Haryono said...

Thanks for reminding me about Instagram. Wow. I think I should already have it

Anonymous said...

Diana, you once worked at cigarette company, no?
So, I think you already become passive-smoker. :-)

Well, I'm just interested in this #20aboutyou. It's incredible, specially number 1. Wow, no wonder you have that BEAUTIFUL home :-)

Nika Yunitri said...

Love number 20, Kak Di! I am trying to practice it too :D

ephy scarf said...

menggambarkan jelas kepribadian seperti ini, seperti menantang diri untuk selalu jujur...

love it.


Satria Baja Hitam RX said...

I like number 13 from ur words I think education system on indonesia must be changed because those system make student crazy LOL.. Visit back on my blog sis :D

Anonymous said...

I think you are so possitive girl :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Di I'm ur on/off reader. Quite surprise on how much have changed with this blog through the years.

however, i kinda miss the old u, who wore repetitive clothes but able to mix & match so they looked fun & fresh. Now seem like u have new clothes everyday. Still stylish, but just not the same & as creative.

u were more spontaneous back then, excited to show off ur fashion hauls & new stuffs. Now u just wear them without sharing where & how to get them. Whenever u mention some brands it mostly for promotion purposes.

i remembered i thought we had some similarities, in some principals that u've shared long ago. Reading ur post above reminds me of that hehehe... That's one reason why I like not just ur blog but u as a person. If we were office-mates I bet we'd get along hahaha...

joeyz said...

I don't do cipika cipiki with male! hahaha....good! good! agree :)

btw, betah berlama-lama di blog ini :)

Ajeng rara tirta said...

i like your kindness kak Di, u are such a inspiring women nowadays.. thanks to inspiring blog..

puty said...

always inspiring :)

paris simple said...

saya nggak ngerti bahasa inggris mbak diana, tapi mbak diana sangat hebat hee

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