Sunday, November 4, 2018

Amsterdam & Brussels

So happy to have 2 more countries ticked off our Europe must-visit countries list yayyyyyyy! This time we drove all the way to Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium. Kudos to my hubby S who drove sooo loooonggg I love you so much, sayang! :)

  • Amsterdam is so artsy, has soooo many art museums and galleries everywhere.
  • I love the entrepreneurial vibes in Amsterdam.
  • In Amsterdam, seems like the rights of a cyclist is higher than of a pedestrian's. They won't stop for you!
  • Also in Amsterdam, I didn't see any pedestrian crossing (weird?). So if you want to cross a city street, you just wait for a gap in traffic.
  • I love the fact that fries are served everywhere with so many kinds of toppings. They even have fries with peanut sauce topping! I love fries. Where there are fries, there is Diana. Fries for life.
  • Meanwhile, the hot waffles at Waffle Factory, Brussels is sooooo good. Crunchy outside, soft inside, a bit sweet, just perfect. Order it with Belgian Dark Chocolate topping!

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