Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Things That Made Us Happy #14

  • Went to the bank early morning and I was their first customer! Yayyyy! :) 
  • Had a long chat with dad this morning. I'm happy that we think alike when it comes to the meaning of life and family.
  • Running in the rain from the salon to my house. It felt so joyful! :D
  • Prepared S's outfit for his beach-themed day at office. Costumes and dresscodes are always fun!
  • Watched Silver Linings Playbook with S. I am in love love love with that movie it is so romantic OMG :D 
  • Had lunch twice yesterday without feeling guilty. I was so hungry! 
  • Asked S to say "I love you" 23 times and he said it 43 times yayyyyy...we're silly like that, you know? :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Opa Grandma Style

Dinner with friends and we agreed to dress up as grandmas! I love my super fun friends..:)

 photo t-41_zps49a4ba8a..jpg  photo yy-40_zps55f5b90c.jpg
With Ayu & Reni

And btw, this dresscode caused a lot of confusion in the mall hahaha. Some people actually believed I was "old", and a parking attendant even offered me help to search for my driver. OMG! :D

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Strawberry Stripes

 photo t-41_zps5fc9d2b6.jpg  photo yyy-22_zpsb05a6b21.jpg  photo yy-40_zps1597405c.jpg
Stradivarius floral blazer, unbranded dress, Zara transparent clutch, Up sandals

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pink Tooth

Always have God in your heart, and you shall never worry too much.

 photo k-15_zps5089c99d.jpg  photo kk-15_zps9e1fbf04.jpg
Bloop blazer, unbranded top, Gaudi faux leather skirt, Henry Holland tights, POP Flats shoes

Friday, January 25, 2013

Flower Child

I think being 28 years old has given me sufficient time to justify myself as an experienced daughter hehehe. I'm happy because I discover new things in becoming a daughter. The more I learn, the more I feel mature and better. You see, learning how to build a good solid relationship is not just a task for couples. It is compulsory for parents and children too. I've gone through so many fights and arguments and no-talking-just-stay-inside-the room-moments and after all that, home is where my parents are. No matter how much I disagree with them, it really isn't the point. The point is knowing that no matter what you say or do, they will always love you unconditionally. I'm learning day by day on how to communicate with my parents without having to use a high tone, and most importantly, without having to force my opinions on them. Opinions are opinions. They vary between individuals, even among those who are blood-tied. That's totally okay. Love is about accepting differences and giving room for disagreements.

 photo ll-12_zps639b0b47.jpg  photo ooo-17_zps6d2e3b78.jpg  photo l-16_zpsee11f69b.jpg
Picnic blazer, unbrandred dress & socks, POP Flats floral loafers

* Photos by Sharjeel

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Velvety Crickety Boo

 photo u-66_zps95947281.jpg  photo uu-43_zps73d9003f.jpg
Eightress velvet cardigan, unbranded top, tailored velvet pants, vintage sunglasses & hat from Paris, Up wedges

Monday, January 21, 2013

Eagle Eyes

Bought a wig for fun hahaha...I think I wanna try pink next time! :)

 photo r-24_zps3aaefee1.jpg  photo r-24_zps3aaefee1.jpg  photo r-24_zps3aaefee1.jpg
Unbranded dress, Riots Barbie sunglasses, Sam Edelman boots 

* Pictures by Sharjeel

Sunday, January 20, 2013

You're the Bartman!

I've got the winnneeeeerrrrrrr! Woohooooooo! Thank you so much for joining my giveaway, all....I had to copy-paste all your names into excel, made a list then randomly generate a winner. Are you guys ready? :D

The winner iiiiiissss...

 photo Untitled-2_zps45e27e60.jpg

CONGRATULATIONS, dear! Kindly email me your shipping address so I can send the awesome sweater right away...muahhh! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Go Mini Today!

We’ve been introduced to smartphones with touch screens, big screens and even bigger screens. But perhaps it’s time to move on to something smaller and handy. What do you say? :)

Coming very soon in Indonesia...the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini!

 photo sss-4_zps1119f1ff.jpg

The size is just right to carry around in our cute little clutch. And regardless its mini dimension, it’s got all the social media apps we need. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, Line, Pinterest, Skype, you name it! For photo freaks like me, I’m definitely up for their “Best Shot” feature which enables us to take 8 pictures at once (burst shot) and choose the best photo automatically based on its sharpness & brightness.

Lucky me, I’ve been given the chance to try out this phone before its launch yaayyyyy! :)

 photo sss-4_zps1119f1ff.jpg
 photo sss-4_zps1119f1ff.jpg

Price will be somewhere around Rp. 3 million so it’s definitely affordable. Mini is the new big, peeps. Perhaps move on to Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini? :)


*Fresh updates I just received from the Samsung team: 
  • This Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini is already available at all 'Samsung Experiential Shop(s)' starting today, January 19th. 
  • Only during this weekend, January 19th-20th, special price is Rp. 3.499.000 in Samsung Experiential Shop(s) 
  • For more info, follow their Twitter account @Samsung_id 

    What's Hot, 2013?

    A trend-spotting compilation of  key pieces for Spring Summer 2013 while in Paris with the lovely Fimela team...enjoooooy! :)

     photo pfw_liputan_-_spread_0-6_zpsaefb0980.jpg  photo pfw_liputan_-_spread_0-6_zpsaefb0980.jpg  photo pfw_liputan_-_spread_0-6_zpsaefb0980.jpg  photo pfw_liputan_-_spread_0-6_zpsaefb0980.jpg  photo pfw_liputan_-_spread_0-6_zpsaefb0980.jpg  photo pfw_liputan_-_spread_0-6_zpsaefb0980.jpg  photo pfw_liputan_-_spread_0-6_zpsaefb0980.jpg  photo pfw_liputan_-_spread_0-6_zpsaefb0980.jpg

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    Pouring Rain

    Stuck at home so took these pictures with S instead..:)

     photo y-47_zps4ff33128.jpg
     photo y-47_zps4ff33128.jpg photo y-47_zps4ff33128.jpg photo y-47_zps4ff33128.jpg
    Gaudi faux leather peplum top, Fiorucci shirt, Less And More skirt, Mango sunglasses, Zara hat, American Apparel socks, Office shoes

    * All photos by Sharjeel

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    Furry & Creamy

    In love with my new Rumi Cream Lace sandals and Gaudi furry top...:)

    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
    Gaudi top, tailored pants, H&M sunglasses, Ciel necklace, Up sandals

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    Eliminating Drama

    I think, when people come up to me to ask questions about their problems, I see unsatisfied faces. It's because they expected an answer full of complexity, which would signify the complexity of life too, which justifies having problems. But they don't get that from me. My answers are always very simple and straightforward. And that exactly is the key to a happy life. Humans tend to complicate things because it feels easier when there is something to blame on. Don't.

    Saturday, January 12, 2013

    Machines of Joy

    Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
    Knitted sweater from We Are Rubbish shop, Gaudi faux leather skirt, Tory Burch bag, Topshop tights, Up wedges

    Do you like my Bart knitted sweater from We Are Rubbish? If you do and want to own a piece too, simply:
    1. "LIKE" their Facebook fanpage here.
    2. Leave your full name & email address (that you use for your Facebook account) in my comment box.
    3. 1 (one) lucky winner will straight away win this sweater. Woohoo!
    4. Closing date: January 19th, 2012.
    Good luuuuuuck! :)

    Why did I fall in love with you?

    I'm not sure myself. But let me try to remember..

    I remember that I never noticed you in class. You belonged to a group of friends that didn't interest me. A group of bad boys. The first time I talked to you felt forceful too. Because I came to class too early and you were already there too, sitting at the back row. So I felt impolite if I didn't make a conversation with you because we were the only people in the room. So I approached you, and said the stupidest line in my whole life without even asking your name first. "You know why nobody wants to be your friend? Because you're one of those bad boys." Surprisingly, you just looked at me and laughed out loud. And I got back to my seat because our lecturer arrived.

    I remember, we still didn't exchange names even after that awkward incidence. It was only when I was walking with Lucas, our classmate, that you asked for his number, and asked for mine too. And I gave my number without asking back yours. When you were saving my number, I spontaneously said, "Diana. What's your name?". You just walked off, but after a few steps you turned your back and shouted, "Sai!".

    I remember not liking you. You were a bad boy, for whatever that actually meant. Who on earth stops and wears his sunglasses first just to walk from the cafeteria to the classroom? No one but you.

    I remember, I started getting short messages from you. You invited me for dinner a few times. But I never accepted. Until you asked whether I would join you study for tomorrow's quiz. I finally accepted.

    I remember not having any topic to talk about at that time, so I just kept on reading my book. It was about Walt Disney. Then we started to discuss about the articles and things felt more comfortable. And this act of studying together became a regular activity.

    I remember that you would always bring me a bar of chocolate so I can eat it while studying. I liked that.

    I remember, we eventually went out to play bowling, but with our other friends too. You picked me up, and I was so nervous that I had to peek out the window first to see what you were wearing so I wouldn't embarrass myself. "Look, Intan. That's the guy," I told my lil' sis. We both laughed because we thought you were so 'Bollywood'. Not that it's bad, it was just something very new to me.

    After all..

    I remember, you became that person I would look for when I'm sad or in trouble. Like that day when I ruined my dress, and I called you to weep about it. And you calmed me down saying that you'll buy me a new dress. You never really did, but you just saying that already made me feel better.

    I remember us walking down the campus aisle at night, and I raised a topic. "You're actually not a bad boy. It's all just a mask. You have a really kind heart, you're just locking it inside this thick shell because you're too afraid to get hurt. You'll realize that when someone eventually cracks that shell."

    I remember prom night was coming, and I asked you who you're coming with. You said you're gonna ask out the cutest girl in campus.

    And I remember, we ended up attending prom night together. And it became so clear. I cracked your shell. And I was officially the cutest girl in campus. At least for you.
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