Friday, June 29, 2012

Hong Kong - Day 2

Our second day in Hong Kong was packed from morning till night...we did a loooooooot of walking tired but so fun! :D

First to visit was Ocean Park Hong Kong...loved this place a lot! Not only is it a theme park, but it is wonderfully an educational theme park where visitors can learn about marine life and nature as well as enjoy their exciting thrill rides. It's a really fun place to go to with family and friends for the whole day because there's just so much to try or do or take pictures of. Thrill rides, mini museums, cable cars, various animal facilities, all are available here..:) For thrill seekers like me hehehe, I dare you to try The Flash, the scariest of all the rides I've ever tried my whole life hahaha..The Flash rises over 22 meters in the air with the exhilaration of being suspended upside down...OMG.

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After all the fun, we then went to Wing Kut Street at likeeeyyyyyy! They have quite a few good boutiques like Masquerade and Unique...bought some awesome stuff here hehehe...:)

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The interesting thing about the shops in Hong Kong, is that they often offer discounts at a bizarre rate...while usually discounts are given at rounded digits or tens like 10%, 20% and so forth, I experienced being given discounts of 12%, 14% and 18% hehehe...quite cute. Anyway, still at Central just further down..there's a huuuuge...wait for it....H&M! Yayyyyyy! :p

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I remember feeling overly tired after all that so a stop for dinner was just necessary....we had Egyptian food for dinner! :)

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The last yet the best of the day was our visit to The Peak and Madam Tussauds...finally! :)

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Good night! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hong Kong - Day 1

My 4-days trip to Hong Kong was suuuuuper fun, not only because I made new friends, but also because I managed to experience and "understand" Hong Kong from a new perspective...thanks to our tour guide, Carolus, who was very knowledgeable and such a pleasant to have...I even named him Carolpedia heheheh....

Meet the team! :)


Upon arrival, we directly headed to The Langham Place shopping's a relatively new mall with 15 floors (woah!) which offers mid-priced items specifically for youngsters...the best part of this mall is that ONLY for tourists, they provide a special "card" which you can use to get extra discounts and exclusive offers in selected merchants...yay for being a tourist! :)


One that really caught my eye inside this mall was a nordic-themed shop called Uuu...Shooop!!!...lovely! Did a wee bit of shopping here hehe...I couldn't help! :D

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Moving on, we went to the Ladies Market in Mongkok...frankly, there's not much (newness) to see here besides stuff that you can buy as souvenirs, but if you actually walk across the road opposite the market, there's this hidden (indoor) shopping center called Mongkok Centre where you can buy extremely affordable fashion goods...much better than the open-air Ladies Market because there's more variety, price is surprisingly cheaper annnnd...there's air con! :D I bought myself some rings here...happyyyyy...:)


I really like the fact that there's always a fresh fruit stall in almost every corner of the street in Hong Kong..and look at how gorgeous the cherries & strawberries are! :D


We ended the night by having Pakistani food at Ah Long...:)

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Sooooo there you go...our first day at Hong Kong heheh...see you on my next HK trip report! ;p
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