Monday, February 28, 2011

Salad & Us

It's weird how I only like vegetables when they are made into salad...caesar salad is my favorite! :)

Thrifted dress, mom's belt, Topshop socks, unbranded hat, Allura by Nasya Marissa necklace worn as hat piece, Dorothy Perkins flower brooch worn on wedges, Amante wedges

Anyway, happy belated birthday my dearest Ayu...hope you liked our gift hehehehehehehehehhehehehe...


*Garden salad image from here

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lotsa Flowers

It's always nice to go on the weekends because S would be around and he'd take many many pictures of me and us hehehehehhehe....

Visited Amante at Plaza Indonesia, which apparently is a local brand! Pretty good (and affordable), I must say....:)

Thrifted blouse, Cheap Monday jeans, Primark hat, Up wedges

Ended up getting these from Amante hehehe...

The studded peep-toe booties was the best purchase as it was on discount...

And oh, Buffalo Wings & Rings is gooooood! Loved the chicken wings a lot...:)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lazy Times

Currently expanding my trousers collection...:)

Unbranded shirt, L&K pants, mom's belt, Up wedges

Acknowledging The Necessary

It's always interesting to bring up a topic about piracy in the context of women and fashion. Unlike guys who are more straightforward admitting that they buy pirated goods just for the sake of a cheaper price, women seem to have a more complex reasoning in their purpose and justifications.

Talking about buying pirated goods is not always about "I can afford" or "I can't afford". It's not always about the finance. It's about the thinking behind it. When I buy a fake good, I openly tell people that it's fake, and bought it just for fun because it was too cute and too cheap to simply miss. As wrong as this is, at least I don't run away from the fact that it was wrong. I admitted it. However, there are many people out there who buy fake goods and pretend that they're not. They act all expensive and classy and think that they're NOT wrong. It's like saying "this isn't red" while in fact everybody knows it's red and you yourself know as well.

It leads to a nowhere-point when we debate on "but you're rich and you can afford while I can't but i want to look just as stylish". It's not a matter of social status, economy class or the action itself, but a simple thought & act of taking responsibility. The richest people can buy fake goods after all. But then what would matter is how they respond and take responsibility of their actions; to admit or to fake it.

Be 100% original inside and outside, peeps. But it's always more important to start from the inside...:)

Pencils & Me

I loooooove this illustration Anastasia Turnip made for me...thank you soooo much, dear! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Cream Pop-Ups

I love love love Magnum ice cream. In fact, my family is a HUGE fan of Magnum.

There was this one time when I said to S, "you know, Magnum's Belgian chocolate is so good, they should actually just open an ice cream restaurant and serve Magnum-based desserts". And guess what? THEY DID! Ha!!

Today was the opening of Magnum Cafe at Grand Indonesia, 5th floor, and I got invited to experience the whole new Magnum concept. The place was gorgeous. And cozy. And nice. They had waffles, desserts, small bites and even drinks made out of Magnum ice cream. YUM.

I have no idea who this guy isMy Anjani wedges

This place is brilliant. And good. It's a pop-up cafe though, meaning it's not permanent, and will only be present for 3 months. You guys better try while it's there! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things & Things

Things I've received but haven't got the chance to wear...

  1. Pink bow top from Snowbelle Butiq
  2. Ruffle cardigan from Pinky Couture
  3. Flower necklace from Allura by Nasya Marissa
  4. Velvet cape from Velvet
  5. Pillow cover from Qushi
  6. Dress from Things We Love
  7. T-shirt from C.P.E
Thank you so much, all! :)

Anyway, I really think "endurance" and "perseverance" are two qualities that we must own in order to be great. As a new entrepreneur, things are really really tough, so tough that most people would rather quit and go back work for a company and receive a stable income instead. But I wanna be a great entrepreneur, therefore must endure and persevere all this challenge.

*inhale, exhale*

Amin, insya Allah...:)

Miss Pink's Hair Day

Damejolie dress

What are YOUR hair crimes?
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